Best Ipad Keyboard Case 

The combination of ‘proper’ keyboard and folio case sounds quite promising on paper – we like the typing experience on the Ultrathin, but prefer the design and protection offered by the FabricSkin. Initially, however, the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case is rather disappointing.The combination of brushed metal, faux-leather and plastic materials gives the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case a rather disjointed look and feel. This is possibly less evident on the black version than the white one we were sent, however, so isn’t reason enough to discount the Belkin. This is doubly true thanks to one or two nice touches, our favourite of which is the three-stage magnetic stand. This is the same concept as the FabricSkin where the magnetic clasp activates the Bluetooth connection and holds your iPad in place, but Belkin has two additional angles where the Logitech only has the one. It’s a very neat system that we really like.

There are things we like about the Belkin’s keyboard, and things we don’t, and sadly the latter outweigh the former. While general feel of the keys is fine, with a nice soft but precise action with a reasonable amount of travel, the layout makes too many of the wrong compromises. 

A promising keyboard and folio case let down by a slightly iffy keyboard layout. It’s among the better iPad keyboard cases out there that’s worth considering, but it doesn’t topple the Logitech as our preferred choice. Overall it’s a good enough jeyboard to get the job done but not good enough to beat the competition.

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