Mate-X E-Bike

In 2016, a company called Mate Bikes struck a chord with urban commuters and ended up shipping more than 7,000 folding ebikes to customers that backed its crowdfunding efforts. In July, Mate launched another Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for its next-generation model, which promises to deliver impressive performance at a price that makes electric bikes more approachable to mainstream riders.

This animal comes in 3 different models. The 250, 250+ and the 750 all on sale on IndieGoGo for 62% off MRP!
All three models share a set of common features, including a built-in cycling computer for taking distance, battery life, and speed. The bikes also come with disc brakes, an adjustable suspension, an integrated smartphone holder, a USB charging port, and a Shimano 8-speed cassette gear system. The Mate X is also equipped with puncture-resistant all-terrain tires, an aluminum frame, and the option to add a variety of accessories, including fenders, a rear-mounted cargo rack, and an integrated thumb throttle. The main difference being that the 750 is more powerful and gives you a longer ride time when compared to it’s younger brothers with the 250+ availing a high speed charger that you pay $100 extra for over the base starting price on IndieGoGo of only $799

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Mate X IndieGoGo

Drone ‘N’ Base 

One of the problems with consumer drones is that unless you’re using them to shoot video, they can actually get kind of boring after a while. Flying them pointlessly up and down and back and forth only stays interesting for so long. That’s why a group of Slovakian entrepreneurs have created Drone n Base. It lets drone pilots race one another, engage in aerial dogfights, or play games like capture the flag. Each Drone n Base kit contains one miniature smartphone-controlled quadcopter, a charger with two batteries, and a base that can be placed on the ground or hung vertically. Both the copter and the base contain multiple infrared receivers and LEDs. This allows the system to “know” when the quadcopter has flown over the base, allowing that base (and others) to be used as a checkpoint in multi-drone races. If one of the drones misses a base, the pilots are alerted to the fact via their iOS or Android phones.

Other possibilities include playing capture the flag (where a virtual flag is captured by flying over a base), or a firefighting game in which the drone “fills up” by hovering over one base, then attempts to put out a virtual fire at another base by shooting at it with its infrared LED. Additionally, the drones can shoot at one another with their LEDs, registering direct hits by causing the struck copter to shut off and fall down. They can also temporarily activate a virtual shield by flying over a base, which protects them from other drones’ shots.

The designers are currently raising production funds for Drone n Base, on Indiegogo. A pledge of US$125 will currently get you a kit, when and if they’re ready to go – an onboard FPV camera may be added as a stretch goal. The planned retail price is $199. If you liked this post you my like so ethers so please check them out. Also don’t forget to like, comment ans subscribe to our newsletter.

An ULTIMATE Toy For All Ages

As a kid, pogo-sticks always looked like fun, but were inevitably disappointing to use. US-based Vurtego, however, designs pogo-sticks for adults and they’re a bit more on the extreme side. Its new V4 can launch users up to 10 ft (3 m) into the air and is ideal for a mid-life crisis. The V4 Pro is Vurtegopogo’s flagship pogo stick. They’ve spent the past five years playing around with different designs, and this is the result of thousands of hours of R&D. If you want the best pogo stick ever created, the V4 Pro is your best bet.

 There are three versions of V4. A standard model is designed for most appeal, and which will offer “a soft, smooth bounce that resembles a portable trampoline.” The Pro model has a longer slide shaft for higher jumping and the Fit flavor is geared to exercise and performance training. As well as two color options, there are also small, medium and large sizes.
Designed to be be robust, the V4 comprises an aircraft aluminum casing, a shock absorber to soften impacts and a stainless steel slide-shaft. The V4 uses an air-spring that is adjustable for anyone over 75 lb (34 kg). Users add or release air to change the stiffness of the bounce. This means that people of radically different weights can use the same V4 by adjusting the internal air pressure accordingly and that the bounce-height can be adjusted to a user’s preference.

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V4 Pro

Cruising silently at about 10 mph, the electric Ryno looks like half a Ducati, with its bright red bodywork, sportbike rear (and only) tire, lights, and short handlebars, with the brake on the right. There are attachments for a rack and saddlebags, but no plans for a two-seater.
Motorists stare, as the unicycle, which balances itself like a Segway, basically fits the definition of a bumblebee, which technically cannot fly–but does. It’s a combination of eccentric thinking and smart technology, reflected in the acronym: Ride Your New Opportunity.

The Ryno has two electric motors, two controllers, and four gyroscopes. Switched on, it maintains its balance, and small buttons adjust the angle to suit the rider. Lean forward to accelerate; lean back to decelerate. Shift your weight or stand on the pedals, and it’s like skiing or surfing.

The electric brake stops the Ryno in five feet. Range is about 10 miles at 10 to 12 mph; the 3-D printer-built dash reports battery life. When the lithium-ion battery is low, the bike slows to 3 mph, and can be recharged in six hours at 120 volts.

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