Logitech UE Roll

Ultimate Ears boasts an impressive record with its line of Bluetooth speakers since the release of the original UE Boom in 2013, which it followed up with the smaller UE Mini Boom and the larger UE Megaboom. All of these speakers pack big sound, loud colors and a portable form factor. Ultimate Ears’ latest and most compact speaker, the UE Roll, launched just in time for the Northern Hemisphere summer and we dive in to see how it hangs, dunks, floats, and sounds.

Although the UE Roll is perfectly comfortable playing music inside, it’s been designed to withstand the rigors of the outdoors. Those familiar with the Ultimate Ears Boom or Megaboom speakers will find the same plasma-coated acoustic skin on the Roll. Combined with the tough silicone body, which also protects and covers the auxiliary and USB ports, the UE Roll is IPX7 waterproof for splashing, dunking, and immersing (not to exceed 3.3 ft (1 m) for more than 30 minutes). Even the auxiliary and micro USB connectors are waterproof for those rare instances when liquid does sneak its way in a bit. In addition to the unique shape, the UE Roll features a marine-grade bungee cord. It doesn’t matter that this speaker can’t stand up on end like the rest of them, since users can hook or hang the UE Roll in so many more imaginative ways. Umbrella poles, bicycle handlebars, backpacks, and shoulder straps suddenly become mounts for your speaker. The only real limiting factor towards creative placement is the depth of the attachment point. Objects that are too thick won’t let the bungee reach around and stay clasped. Too thin, and all it takes is a light bump to unintentionally unlatch the bungee cord.

Overall the Ultimate Ears Roll proves that it’s possible for a pint-sized portable speakers to feature an original design with a well-rounded sound signature. While some similarly-sized speakers may have “better” audio output, they tend to be more expensive and the kind intended to stay indoors away from dirt, concrete, and water. Those who want to adventure outside will appreciate the UE Roll’s tough, waterproof exterior and go-everywhere attitude. The extended Bluetooth range and marine-grade bungee cord also lets the UE Roll be carried further and in more ways than your standard wireless speaker.

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India – http://www.amazon.in/ROLL-360-Wireless-Bluetooth-Speaker/dp/B00YARCGQA

U.S. – http://www.bestbuy.com/site/ue-roll-wireless-bluetooth-speaker-blue/5673021.p?id=1219655375202&skuId=5673021

FUGOO TOUGH – A speaker with a variety of ‘jackets’


Go into any big box electronics store, walk through the audio or mobile accessories aisles, and prepare to be bowled over by Bluetooth speakers. What started as a percolating entry point has turned into a full-blown fight for any flat surface a portable speaker can rest on. Now familiar names like Beats, Bose, Sony, Samsung, Logitech, Jawbone and Jabra (among many, many others) are coming to market with them. Then there’s Fugoo, a relatively unknown upstart looking to not only compete, but also sound better than the rest. Fugoo’s pedigree comes from its founders. Some of them came from companies like Harmon Kardon, JBL and Toshiba, and now they’re decided to push out yet another Bluetooth speaker backed by the same marketing line we’ve heard a million times already: big sound from a small package. Why would they do that? Fugoo’s creators believe their speaker is different, and they’re right. Silly name aside, it’s one speaker, available with different ‘skins’ to suit the user’s purpose, and built to be mounted nearly anywhere. Priced at $200, the Fugoo has some stiff competition in the sound quality department, but if it sounds good enough, its utility features might just send it over the top.

Decked out in black and turquoise, the Sport naturally exudes a sense of the outdoors, like a trip to the beach or a lazy Sunday by the pool. The jacket is made up of a mix of a polyester-like material, soft rubber and hardened plastic, though the core inside has a waterproof seal protecting the internal components. On the top are three buttons that are basically the ‘O’ action button we’ve become familiar with, flanked by two volume controls keys. One side features power and Bluetooth buttons, while the other harbors a microUSB charging port and Aux-In jack.

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Audio Technica Ath M50x

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x are the consumer follow-up to the ATH-M50, a pair of headphones designed for the pros that proved so popular with normal folk it seemed silly not to make a slightly more friendly edition. This new pair isn’t much more expensive than the original, selling for under $120 online, and gets you interchangeable cables and the same great sound that made the original set so popular. If you’re out for portable headphones and don’t mind them being a little large, you’d be remiss not to consider the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x.


The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x are large over-ear headphones, which are generally much bigger than the kind of style-driven on-ear headphones you see at this price. While they are more a rival to the Beats Studio than the cheaper Beats Solo 2, they cost a good deal less than either. It’s refreshing to see a pair of high-quality portable headphones designed for normal people that cost less than $150. Some of you might think spending more than $100 on headphones is madness, but you’ll have to trust us: you’re getting a pretty good deal here.

Taking this style into account, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x look is actually pretty good. While big, the earcups don’t stick out miles from the side of your head, and neither does the headband (although it is beefy). Audio-Technica has not made any major changes to the look in making this more wide-reaching version of the original M50s. The one big difference is that the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x, like most new full-size headphones, have a removable cable. While the socket is a standard 2.5mm affair, there’s a twist-to-lock mechanism that means you wont simply just be able to use any 2.5mm cable.

Lastly there are a bunch of different headphone colours to choose from and if you buy one in the U.S. It costs only $115 (RS: 7500) right now. Please check out some of the other reviews and subscribe. 

U.S. :




Nvidia Shield – The console killer ?

If the Nvidia Shield already sounds like a familiar name, that’s because it is. Nvidia has used the Shield moniker across a couple of its other products – Shield Portable, Shield Tablet – but the Shield, revealed this week at GDC 2015, is the missing piece of the puzzle. An Android TV and high-end gaming console in one, Nvidia Shield is a set-top box box that wants to be the hub of your living room. This is a product that’s been five years in the making, according to Nvidia, and from what I’ve seen so far the company has every right to feel proud of what it’s achieved. This isn’t just taking on the likes of Apple TV, it’s also gunning for your big living room console. For all that it does, the Shield remains pleasingly thin with an interesting angular design and – of course – a green V-shaped light that glows when the device is switched on. It’s quite long, but the box can be stood upright if that TV cabinet is looking crowded enough already. However, we doubt Nvidia’s design will prove too intrusive.

But more importantly, the gaming – so far – works great too, and is where the Shield outdoes rivals like Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV. Nvidia is opening up its Grid streaming platform to Shield come the May launch, letting you beam 1080p 60fps games to your living room for a (as yet unconfirmed) subscription fee. Obviously the quality of streaming is going to depend on if your home connection is up to scratch.

Overall this system could be known as the console killer coming in at just $199.99, as it is an all round option that doesn’t break the bank. This device is a perfect example for the saying “bang for your buck”. If you like this then you might like some others so please check them out. Also don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment on this post.


Jay Bird X2

Jaybird first introduced its now uber-popular BlueBuds X in 2012. While the landscape of wireless headphones has rapidly shifted in the years since, the BlueBuds X held up in a manner that can’t be said about much of their competition. Part of this is due to the BlueBuds’ quality, but it also has to do with the lifetime warranty against sweat-related damage. That said, it was certainly time for a refresh. While Jaybird covered sweat-related damage, some found that general wear and tear was enough to render their headphones unusable. This, combined with advances in terms of sound quality meant that it was a perfect time to introduce the sequel. Ditching the branding for a simpler name, the Jaybird X2 in-ears are instantly recognizable, and could even be confused for the BlueBuds, but there are big changes under the hood.

While the BlueBuds X were available in two colors, the Jaybird X2s bump that up to six options: Midnight Black, Storm White, Alpha, Ice, Fire, and Charge. The overall look is very similar to the BlueBuds X but with more color and less chrome. The design reflects the minimalism popular in 2015 designs, and the X2s definitely look better as a result. The build is plastic but still quite solid. Like the BlueBuds X, the Jaybird X2s come with a one-year limited warranty as well as a lifetime warranty against sweat-related damage. This sweat resistance makes the X2s a good option for bringing to the gym, as do the in-ear “fins” meant to hold them in place.

The original BlueBuds X claimed a battery life of around 8 hours, but often struggled to reach that number. The Jaybird X2s claim 8 hours as well, but they actually reach that number in use. For some reason Jaybird calls this Battery HD, which is puzzling, but this battery life is still impressive given the small size. The price is $150.

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When the original 3Doodler pen dropped on Kickstarter back in 2013, it was an almost instant success. After reaching its initial funding goal within hours, the device — which at the time was world’s first “3D-printing pen” — went on to rack up more than $2.4 million before the campaign finished. Now, less than two years later, the company is back with a new-and-improved design that’s slimmer, sleeker, and easier to use than ever before. We took it for a spin to see if drawing 3-dimensional objects in midair is as easy as they made it look in that Kickstarter pitch video. Here’s what we found.

3Doodler 2.0 knocks the socks off version 1.0 in just about every way, but build quality and design are definitely the most significant. In addition to a new sleek new aluminum enclosure, the new version is also ¼ the size of its predecessor, so it’s considerably more comfortable to hold in your hand.

Honestly, you’re not going to make many practical, functional, or truly useful objects with 3Doodler — but that’s not really what it’s made for. At the end of the day, it’s really just a fun artistic tool. If you’re looking for a legit 3D printer that you can make useful objects with, you should definitely look elsewhere. 3Doodler probably isn’t what you want. That said, if you like the idea of drawing objects in three dimensions, without having to jump over all the hurdles that lie between ideation and creation (like software, computer models, and properly calibrated machinery) then the newest 3Doodler should definitely be in your artist’s toolkit!

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Mini JamBox 

The Jawbone Jambox became one of the first big-name portable Bluetooth speakers when it debuted in 2011. Jawbone supersized it the following year and introduced the larger, more expensive Big Jambox. And now the company is going the other way: the new Mini Jambox is, as you can guess, a Bluetooth speaker that’s about half the size of the original. In fact, the $179.99 rechargeable isn’t much larger than an
iPhone. Make no mistake about it. This is first and foremost a lifestyle product. In shrinking down the originalJamBox, Jawbone’s engineers have created a wireless speaker that’s designed to be carried around with you wherever you go, a constant audio companion to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.The question is, of course, does it sound any good? Well, that depends on what you’re comparing it with. There are certainly other small speakers in this price range that sound better and can play louder (the Bose SoundLink Mini and UE Boom, for example). But at the same time you’d be hard-pressed to find a speaker that’s as tiny as the Mini Jambox that sounds as good.  Also if you would like to pick up pm for yourself at the moment it is only $56.

You can also get a sleek cover for it. So, just how tiny is it compared to the original? The key difference is the thickness. The Mini comes in at 6.06 inches in length, 0.96 inch in width, 2.28 inches in height and weighs nine ounces, while the Jambox is 5.95 inches in length, 2.24 inches in width and 1.57 inches in height and weighs 12 ounces. Basically, the Mini will fit in your pants pocket — even if you’re wearing skinny jeans. Still, the 90-degree edges make it quite annoying in that particular scenario, despite Jawbone’s suggestions to the contrary. Yes, it’s a much smaller speaker, but unless you’re wearing cargo pants, you’ll want to toss it in your bag. Chop off another quarter of the thickness or taper the edges in a future model, and the pocket thing could be more realistic.

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The Micro Drone.

Three years ago if you wanted a drone to take high-quality video, you had to shell out tons of cash and rely on a big, bulky flyer. With the Micro Drone 3.0 from Extreme Flyer, you get 720p HD quality video, all attached to one of the smallest drones on the planet. Video can be streamed directly to your smartphone, and works with live streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat. And to help you concentrate on getting great footage, this quadcopter is incredibly stable, flying consistently thanks to motion sensors while it soars up to 300ft, through 45mph winds, with a battery life of around 8 minutes per charge.

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Blocks – it’s future proof!!

 Never before have you seen a smartwatch that lets you customise it according to your needs and wants. BLOCKS is the world’s first modular smartwatch. Compared to our phones, smartwatches are small and have limited space inside. This means that other smartwatch companies are having to compromise on which features they to put into a tiny little device that fits around your wrist. We wanted to give that power back to you, the user, to choose what features are important just for you. BLOCKS breaks away from compromise with a unique design. Start simply with the watchface, also known as the Core, which is a fully functioning smartwatch on its own, then add Modules into the strap to enhance functionality of your watch. You can choose ANY Modules you want and connect them together to build a smartwatch unique to you.

Why buy a whole new smartwatch when you can simply add a new feature? As technology evolves, so will BLOCKS. New Modules will be released continually, ensuring that you can have the latest technology as soon as it becomes available. The future is modular. As an open platform, BLOCKS allows other select companies or individuals to develop Modules. There can be Modules for gaming, sports, healthcare, the workplace, or even experimental ones for academic research. All this means even more choice for you. 

It’s time that our smartwatches reflect our individuality. BLOCKS gives you the power to build a smartwatch that suits your lifestyle, with features that are customized to your needs. We’re over one-size-fits-all. Just choose the modules you want and connect them together in seconds. Modules are hot swappable and easily replaceable. Swap in and out any Module in seconds. You don’t need to restart the watch when you connect a Module, and it will work straight away.

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An ULTIMATE Toy For All Ages

As a kid, pogo-sticks always looked like fun, but were inevitably disappointing to use. US-based Vurtego, however, designs pogo-sticks for adults and they’re a bit more on the extreme side. Its new V4 can launch users up to 10 ft (3 m) into the air and is ideal for a mid-life crisis. The V4 Pro is Vurtegopogo’s flagship pogo stick. They’ve spent the past five years playing around with different designs, and this is the result of thousands of hours of R&D. If you want the best pogo stick ever created, the V4 Pro is your best bet.

 There are three versions of V4. A standard model is designed for most appeal, and which will offer “a soft, smooth bounce that resembles a portable trampoline.” The Pro model has a longer slide shaft for higher jumping and the Fit flavor is geared to exercise and performance training. As well as two color options, there are also small, medium and large sizes.
Designed to be be robust, the V4 comprises an aircraft aluminum casing, a shock absorber to soften impacts and a stainless steel slide-shaft. The V4 uses an air-spring that is adjustable for anyone over 75 lb (34 kg). Users add or release air to change the stiffness of the bounce. This means that people of radically different weights can use the same V4 by adjusting the internal air pressure accordingly and that the bounce-height can be adjusted to a user’s preference.

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V4 Pro