Blocks – it’s future proof!!

 Never before have you seen a smartwatch that lets you customise it according to your needs and wants. BLOCKS is the world’s first modular smartwatch. Compared to our phones, smartwatches are small and have limited space inside. This means that other smartwatch companies are having to compromise on which features they to put into a tiny little device that fits around your wrist. We wanted to give that power back to you, the user, to choose what features are important just for you. BLOCKS breaks away from compromise with a unique design. Start simply with the watchface, also known as the Core, which is a fully functioning smartwatch on its own, then add Modules into the strap to enhance functionality of your watch. You can choose ANY Modules you want and connect them together to build a smartwatch unique to you.

Why buy a whole new smartwatch when you can simply add a new feature? As technology evolves, so will BLOCKS. New Modules will be released continually, ensuring that you can have the latest technology as soon as it becomes available. The future is modular. As an open platform, BLOCKS allows other select companies or individuals to develop Modules. There can be Modules for gaming, sports, healthcare, the workplace, or even experimental ones for academic research. All this means even more choice for you. 

It’s time that our smartwatches reflect our individuality. BLOCKS gives you the power to build a smartwatch that suits your lifestyle, with features that are customized to your needs. We’re over one-size-fits-all. Just choose the modules you want and connect them together in seconds. Modules are hot swappable and easily replaceable. Swap in and out any Module in seconds. You don’t need to restart the watch when you connect a Module, and it will work straight away.

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