Nvidia Shield – The console killer ?

If the Nvidia Shield already sounds like a familiar name, that’s because it is. Nvidia has used the Shield moniker across a couple of its other products – Shield Portable, Shield Tablet – but the Shield, revealed this week at GDC 2015, is the missing piece of the puzzle. An Android TV and high-end gaming console in one, Nvidia Shield is a set-top box box that wants to be the hub of your living room. This is a product that’s been five years in the making, according to Nvidia, and from what I’ve seen so far the company has every right to feel proud of what it’s achieved. This isn’t just taking on the likes of Apple TV, it’s also gunning for your big living room console. For all that it does, the Shield remains pleasingly thin with an interesting angular design and – of course – a green V-shaped light that glows when the device is switched on. It’s quite long, but the box can be stood upright if that TV cabinet is looking crowded enough already. However, we doubt Nvidia’s design will prove too intrusive.

But more importantly, the gaming – so far – works great too, and is where the Shield outdoes rivals like Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV. Nvidia is opening up its Grid streaming platform to Shield come the May launch, letting you beam 1080p 60fps games to your living room for a (as yet unconfirmed) subscription fee. Obviously the quality of streaming is going to depend on if your home connection is up to scratch.

Overall this system could be known as the console killer coming in at just $199.99, as it is an all round option that doesn’t break the bank. This device is a perfect example for the saying “bang for your buck”. If you like this then you might like some others so please check them out. Also don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment on this post.