The Cube

The Cube takes 5 inch displays and turns them into 120 inch displays. It works with your devices, so you can play with scale. Meticulously designed for unbridled imaginations, the Cube is autonomous and portable, vivid and powerful. Go places and take it with you, or stay put and be transported. Small, but made for big things,… the cube is engineered for portability and performance—20,000 hours of bulb life, 120 inches of display, and only 2 inches of lightweight aluminum equal infinite possibilities. From grand adventures and strokes of genius, to channel surfing and movie marathoning, the Cube is tuck-it-in-your-pocket tiny, and that’s kind of a big deal.
Stay in and go all out with the riveting size and clarity of the Cube’s display. Venture beyond the sofa and create a home theater in any room you choose; from rewatching old favorites under the comfort of your covers to camping out in your basement to set the mood for some film noir horror stories, the Cube is as versatile as your media queue. Like turning the screen in your pocket into a cinema on your ceiling, or upping the production value of your shadow puppet performances. The Cube is for indoor stargazing and outdoor cartoon-watching, for sharing experiences and creating memories. For watching the game on the big screen with the crew, or a simple media solution for your shoebox apartment without room for a TV—for impromptu work presentations in the field or in the office, or for a spellbinding art installation, the Cube is for using your small screen to transform any blank canvas.


To settle scores or defend your legendarily dextrous thumbs, hook the Cube up to your Xbox or Playstation and instantly create an immersive gaming arena. Epic adventures deserve to be experienced beyond the TV, even if you’re not budging from the couch. Triumph over evil, or just over your roommate, Brian. The Cube is for eternal bragging rights.

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